Murrina "Cornice" Murano glass square pendant

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Item: P-Q45

Completely handmade Murano glass pendant. This item was created in our artisanal workshop in Murano island using "Millefiori" glass canes and colored glass canes produced at Murano.

  • Material: Murano glass
  • Bail: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Size: 28 x 28 mm (Amethyst, Green) / 31 x 32 mm (Black, Multicolor blue, Red, Multicolor yellow) / 34 x 34 mm (Gray)
  • Weight: 6 g (Black, Amethyst, Green) / 8 g (Red) / 12 g (Multicolor yellow)
  • Product warranty card, box and shopping bag with the Vianello Nadia Murrine logo are included.
  • Price VAT included. FREE shipping in Italy.